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A2ZMetrics offers a professional, turnkey solution that can help you Revive, Sustain, and Grow your eCommerce business. Looking for something specific to help you with your online business? Our core services can all be offered a la carte. We are happy to offer individual and tailored consulting solutions specific to your need. The team behind A2ZM has over 10 years of hands on experience working with Amazon Seller Central, Vendor central, Ebay and over 20 other online E-Commerce platforms. Every member on our team has successfully operated his/her own e-Commerce business or worked for / consulted in managing and growing online business's for both small and large organizations . We are a group of business savvy, technology driven , and customer focused individuals . While Amazons obsession is focused on the buyers experience, ours is on the sellers experience. We know what it feels to walk in your shoes. Our vast experience in the world of e-Commerce has taught us first hand on how to comply with and further leverage changes in product trends, buyer preferences, platform compliance , and advertising related algorithms. E-commerce policies and strategies are constantly changing, Amazon is a great example of this change. What separates us from the competition is the fact that we are proactive, not just reactive. If your business is backed by A2ZMetrics, you will be guided in the right directions with solutions tailored to your business.



Account Suspension - We provide CUSTOM TAILORED suspension appeal letters that are effective in reinstating your account. Our service is not a one size fits all solution. We implement a hands on approach and consider every detail related to your business. At A2ZM, you will be provided with a dedicated suspension analyst that will help formulate, implement, and follow through with a plan of action designed to properly address your issue .

Category Approvals - Amazon Category approvals are a bit tricky if you're just starting to sell. We offer un-gating services for most categories, usually opened within 24-72 hours.

Amazon Legal - Whether you're on the attack or playing defense, A2ZM can help your business with a variety of issues related to infringement and brand protection.

Compliance - We believe in running a clean kitchen, so should you. Staying on top of compliance is critical when selling on platforms such as Amazon. Our team can help you stay compliant and improve your metrics related to product details, feedbacks, reviews and logistics.



Inventory/Product Placement - A2ZM offers inventory placement analysis and solutions to help you better cope with product placement. Product placement includes several factors like such as SKU Creation, Labeling, Product Packaging and designating an efficient place of storage. We factor in a cost analysis model and take into account Commingled Inventory, Bundled Inventory, Hazmat Items, Product Storage & Safety, and FBA Procedures. We will also monitor your inventory for high risk items, shortages and stale inventory which helps in maximizing profits and reducing chargebacks / customer complaints.

Product Sourcing - Have an idea in mind that you'd like to sell? Or are you just looking for the next best selling item? We can help simplify this process by helping your business find the right manufacturer, distributor or private label designer. We have access to todays leading software that is designed specifically to simplify your sourcing process. Nervous about buying from a potential seller? If needed, we can provide boots on the ground to further research and report on a selected manufacturer both domestic and internationally.

Order Processing - If you are overwhelmed with orders, A2ZM can help automate the orders process for you. Get the right tools to quickly and efficiently process and ship your orders. We take an unbiased view in finding the right carrier, fulfillment processor, and inventory software solution that works for you. Let us concentrate on helping you automate your orders while you concentrate on expanding your business.


Product Page Optimization - Page Optimization is one of several key methods to increase your products search rankings and customer interaction. Different platforms such as Amazon and Ebay will require separate page optimization formulas. Overall, listings with good pictures, titles, descriptions and bullets will help your product rank higher. A good-looking listing vs a poor listing could ultimately sway the customer into buying your item instead of your competitors.

Product Rank & SEO - Amazon has its own, distinct search engine which is different from Google's or Yahoo's. A2ZM can help launch your products right away and increase your ranking to the top position in its corresponding category.

Winning Formula - All you need is to have a product. A2ZM has the winning formula that will help you get large amounts of orders using compliant and effective methods .


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