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A2ZMetrics's legal support is designed to provide sellers with a licensed attorney that understands the Amazon marketplace and utilizes the law to handle complaints that can jeopardize your Amazon business. 

As a full service, Amazon focused consulting firm, we are extremely knowledgeable and experienced as it pertains to your legal seller rights. Though Amazon is truly dedicated to protecting intellectual property, often times you are left on your own to dispute IP infringement claims . All it takes is one complaint to shut down your listing or seller account. To make things more challenging, Amazon provides very little guidance when it comes to this matter and you are often stuck guessing whether the complaint is accurately related to a trademark, patent, copyright, or counterfeit claim. Whether you made a careless mistake or a competitor is bullying you around with bogus infringement claims, A2ZMetrics has hands on experience and the right personnel to help resolve the matter.  

Our trained attorney and support staff will investigate the complaint to see if it is valid and provide a customized, professional solution to resolve the issue. Once we have completed our due diligence

  1. We will contact the contra- party that submitted the complaint and work with them to ensure that it is retracted. 
  2. If we determine that the complaint is meritless, we will provide you with in depth guidance that will help you when contacting Amazon's policy dispute team. 
  3. Provide a detailed plan of action as to how you can improve your listings/seller account in order to comply with regulations and seller practices. 




Very simple. Factoring in risk/return, your odds stack up lot higher when you have the correct tools at your disposal.  Think about it this way. You can hire a professional CPA to file your tax returns or you can attempt doing them on your own. In the event that your taxes are simple and you attempt filing them on your own,  your downside risk equates to a higher tax due, lower tax return or a potential fee in the event you screw up. The upside equates to the cost of savings from not using a professional CPA. When it comes to Amazon, both your risk and return profile are substantially different.

  • First and foremost, performance notifications related to Amazon Intellectual Property concerns are a zero sum game. If your listing was shut down or your seller privileges were suspended, you are all of a sudden dead in the water.
  • Calling Amazon Seller Support provides very little to no benefit given that they have no access to the underlying complaint (the performance notification is not the actual complaint) When it comes to IP infringement related concerns, Seller supports job is to document your issue and create a case (that's it..)  They also have minimal training/knowledge pertaining to the legal code related to your specific complaint.
  • Emailing Amazon Seller- Performance usually results in an automated canned response. Given their backlog, responses can take up to 30 days. That response at best will offer your the opportunity to reinstate your listing/account only if the seller making the complaint CONTACTS and INSTRUCTS Amazon to remove it.
  • Good luck with attempting to speak with or getting a response from another competing seller. Please note that majority of IP infringement complaints are actually filed by the sellers attorney/registered agent. Amazon does not think twice about removing your listing/account when they receive a complaint from a legal entity or professional service.  
  • If you are lucky enough to get through to the other seller/sellers agent, you then have to convince him/her to retract the complaint. To be clear, a verbal promise wont suffice. They actually have to write to Amazon and request that they remove the complaint. 
  • If you decide to dispute the complaint and contact Amazon on your own ,please be advised that their decision can be final. When it comes to communicating with Amazon, their is little room for error . Amazon takes IP infringement very seriously and they do not like to hear that they are wrong in suspending your listing/account. The language and the format of your dispute needs to be professional, not just sound professional. 

Now with all that in mind, do you think your chances are better going at it yourself or hiring a professional service that handles these issues on a daily basis? 




As a full service Amazon consulting firm, we have direct exposure to many of the business lines within Amazon. We believe experience and hard work is the key to our success. We speak with and genuinely help clients everyday with Product research, Marketing, Integration, and Compliance & Legal Concerns. Given our reach of scope, we are always in the loop and up to date when it comes to Amazon related strategies and policies.  Our clients range from new sellers to small business owners to large volume Amazon sellers. Our solutions and services are centered on a hands on, customized approach. We are always available to speak with you on the phone, via video conference or meet with you in person. Unlike some other services, we don't employ any disappearing stunts once payment is made and all of our staff is dedicated to providing an immediate response no matter of the outcome. We know that this can be a stressful experience and everyone at A2ZMetrics is here to help. Feel free to reach to reach out to us for a free consultation.    


We make no promises or guarantees that we will reinstate your listing or account. Based on our experience, we feel that sellers are better served when they have dedicated support that is experienced with Amazon and the legalities pertaining to IP infringement and other policy violations.  A2ZMetrics legal support does provide any legal representation services. We are happy to council with and provide our service if you should have an attorney in mind.