AMZ Compliance

As an Amazon seller, your e-commerce success greatly depends on your cooperation with the rules and regulations set by Amazon. Those rules and regulations help create an orderly marketplace that allows for Amazon to increase sales while protecting them from any liabilities. As an Amazon seller, your business goals are not that much different. You want to increase your sales and protect your business from any liabilities.  There is one caveat that needs to be addressed. As a business owner, you run your company as you see fit. When you sell on Amazon, you MUST run your company as Amazon sees fit. To be precise, your shipping policies, return policies, inventory placement, product defect rates, marketing services, customer service, and most important, your products and product page info must meet all of Amazon's guidelines. One mistake, regardless of fault, can result in a policy violation or a full suspension of your selling privileges. Given some of the complexities and constant updates/changes to Amazon policies, it can be easy to lose track of what’s considered right and wrong. Many times, our customers are surprised by some of the problem's we uncover when we look over their full business model as it pertains to Amazon's policies and procedures. It’s not uncommon for us to hear " we didn't know any better, we assumed it was fine because others were doing it, or how is it wrong if Amazon hasn’t stopped us."  

 At A2ZMetrics, we understand that as a seller, your time is better spent on growing your business and making sure your customers / employees are happy.  Our job is to help your business run smoothly so you can focus on growth.

Our experienced compliance officers will help in creating, improving, and monitoring your compliance and performance metrics. Our staff comes from a compliance background and they are proficient in Amazons seller's practices. We are results driven and believe in running a clean kitchen, so should you. Our trained staff will review your business model thoroughly via 3rd party computer access or by visiting with you at your offices. A2ZMetrics Compliance Monitoring will identify any flaws and offer compliant solutions in order to improve your


  • Selling Service: Shipment Policies, Return Policies, Cancellation/Order delays, Customer Feedback, Defect Rates. 
  • Inventory Placement: Product labeling, Product Packaging, Commingled Inventory, Hazmat Items, Product Storage & Safety, FBA Procedures
  • Product Placement: Category Mapping, Product Page Setup (Picture, Title, Description) Accurate Product Data, Pricing, Campaigns. 

Our staff of trained compliance officers will help in ensuring your business complies with Amazon’s

  • Seller code of conduct
  • Product detail page creation policies
  • Category, Product, and Listing Policies
  • Restricted Products Policies
  • FBA Requirement and Restriction Policies
  • Prohibited Seller Activity/Action Polices

 We treat every Amazon acct on a stand-alone basis and our services’ can be fully customized to your individual needs. We include 

- Comprehensive Acct Review (We will help identify policy flaws and areas of concern)

- Customized Plan of Action

- Employee training ( Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

- Dedicated Account Monitoring (Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, Yearly)

Amazon has grown to be the largest marketplace in the world. Their success has transformed the way ordinary people go about their daily lives. To preserve that success, it should be of no surprise to you that their focus has shifted on established and reliable business partners. To that point, it’s your job to ensure that your business is both reliable and has the infrastructure to comply with ALL OF Amazons Rules and Policies. Every detail matters when it comes to succeeding within Amazon. One wrong keyword, picture, description, or customer order can turn your business upside down. If you prefer to not live in a state of fear, A2ZMetrics Compliance is here to help. Feel free to contact us via phone or email for a free consultation.