Turnkey Integration

Our Goal - A2Z Metrics offers services to help you Launch, Sustain and Grow in the world of E-Commerce. Platforms like Amazon, Groupon, eBay, Jet, and Walmart have proven to be very large sources of revenue. Amazon.com alone gets over 150 million visitors a month. Having your products accessible to millions of shoppers a month can be vital to growing your business. Some say venturing into the world of online shopping adds another dimension to your business. We are here to help you from A to Z! 

There are 4 key steps to every online business -  The first 3 are focused on Launching, Sustaining , and Growing your business. In the event you run into turbulence,  we offer a 4th step that is focused on reviving your business. Its important to note that most online platforms have different standards, product information requirements , shipping expectations, and marketing strategies. We have the proven expertise in offering turnkey solutions that can launch and grow your business regardless of its platform domicile.  


Launching an e-commerce business is a very important and exciting part of your venture. Launching a business online is like launching a space shuttle, do it right or don't do it at all. Established platforms are flooded with sellers, hence its vital to have a game plan in place. Given that they are ESTABLISHED PLATFORMS, sellers that have poor information and performance are always at risk of losing sales and often times, losing their selling privileges . Whether you are new to e-Commerce or just need someone to quarterback your launch strategy, A2ZMetrics will work with you to launch your online business the right way. 


Inventory building is where your journey starts. What products will i sell online? How much will it cost to ship? All of these questions you have to take into consideration when building your inventory. A2Z Metrics helps in both establishing and coordinating with 3rd party vendors to provide an inventory solution that is right for your business. Have no form of inventory system? No problem, A2Z Metrics will help you in establishing a full inventory system that is tailored to your specific needs. We always suggest choosing an inventory system that is capable of growing with your needs. We can help you with building out the SKUs, titles, specs, product details and pictures.


A pictures says it all. Photography is a great way for your business and product to stand out by looking neat and professional. We offer services that leverage graphic design and innovative professional photography . It's worth noting that our graphic design team is proficient in designs that are compliant with various platform policies (ex. dimensions, backgrounds, branding, and format) 


Product Sourcing is a great way to add items to your inventory. Given competitive and logistics barriers, this process could get frustrating and confusing. We're here to help you source the items you'd like to sell. Wether its finding the best price, quality, supplier or shipping provider, we got you covered! We use both proprietary and 3rd party software to help you in delivering a product that is poised to sell. 



Setting up your accounts are the next step. Some e commerce platforms are simple to open and require minimal info. Others require a few more steps. And then there are platforms that will force you to rethink selling online given their burdensome requirements. Even if you do get past all the obstacles, you then have to deal with category gates, UPC integration, shipment details, and other factors.  We can quickly help you get setup on Amazon (FBA,FBM, Vendor) Walmart, Groupon Goods, eBay and many more.


List your products for the world to see. Once your accounts are live, its time to list your own products for customers to purchase. With professional pictures, compliant and SEO optimized descriptions, bullets and headlines, your listing will look like it belongs on the Best Sellers list.  A2ZM Product Listing Example


Now that you're all setup to make money, its important to protect what you have built. In same aspects, the battle never ends. There are numerous problems that your business encounters when selling on 3rd party platforms. Aside from competitive forces, you have to worry about feedback, inventory management, customer returns, advertising, and overall platform compliance. Sustaining your products demand, inventory and metrics are all important to run a well oiled machine.


With an expert sales analyst by your side, you are better equipped to maneuver your way around the competition. An A2ZMetrics Sales analyst will provide details such as what items are selling, what products are not selling, profit margins, loss sales, product opportunities, competitors and much more! Having this knowledge will provide you with further insight into the overall market as well as your specific business.


Track your inventory accordingly and never lose out on missed sales.  Sellers are often left stranded when the demand for a certain product is high and your stock dips to 0. Your competitors benefit when you're low on inventory and vice versa. Our analysts are trained to help with projecting demand,  planning replenishment dates, back ordering items, discontinuing stale inventory, assessing storage costs, and researching missing inventory.  We can also help you coordinate all your FBA, International, and vendor shipments.


Performance metrics are one of the most important indicators when it comes to selling online. They are often internal indicators that help with gauging your business's online performance.  Performance metrics often are representative of your clients buying experiences.  As you already know, your customers are your bread and butter and its vital that they receive the best service all around. Metrics are also used by your selling platform to help them analyze your shipping time, shipping quality, valid tracking, returns, defects, response times, RMA and much more. If your performance metrics are mismanaged, you risk losing sales and getting kicked of your selling platform. Its worth noting that performance metrics are not solely internal indicators. Many shoppers will often look at your sellers metrics prior to making a purchase. At A2ZMetrics, we understand that your time might be better spent on growing your business as opposed to micro managing performance metrics.  Our turnkey solution provides you with a dedicated metrics analyst that will help you improve and maintain outstanding metrics.



Sellers often run into legal issues with the products they sell. We step in when you need services like Brand protection, Trademark/Patent research, Amazon Suspension, Category Un-gating, Authenticity Concerns, and other matters. Running a business that is compliant with your platforms sellers policies is crucial to your long term success. 


Order management could be a tedious process. Orders have to be processed on time and shipped out correctly. We help automize your order management process (that includes all incoming orders, returns and delivery.) Many businesses get overwhelmed with tons of orders, but with the right resources, you could automate this process. Automating this process will save you time, money, and help you sleep comfortably at night.  


Now that you've got your business setup and your all your information is automated, it is time to focus on growth. The possibilities in this step are endless, and the more you put in, the more you get out !


Search Engine Optimization is a great way to advertise your business . SEO focuses on how search engines locate and display your products. Everyone is competing for the top spot , so should you. At A2ZMetrics, we understand that SEO practices are always changing and various platforms use search engines in different ways. We attend most industry conferences to stay up to date and we use strictly white hat methods to help your product rank in all the top searches. It is a fact that SEO can yield more visitors and customers if it is both setup and leveraged properly . Our expertise in this field can bring significant growth to your company.


PPC is a great method of increasing your products online visibility (impressions.)  If utilized properly, impressions generate clicks, which then convert to sales. The key here is conversion and its worth noting that PPC is not free, hence the name "pay per click" At one point, PPC methodology was solely dominated by the likes of Google. Though Google still holds the lead, a good chunk of PPC has shifted to 3rd party sales channels such as Amazon and Ebay.  At A2ZMetrics, we think of PPC as somewhat of an art form. It takes practice to master this art form and it is unwise to just throw money at PPC prior to really understanding how it works. Why you ask?  PPC can erode your entire profit margin if not deployed correctly.

Why Use A2ZMetrics to manage your PPC? 

  • We asses your sales goals, cost of good sold, and constraints prior to selecting a daily budget. 
  • We thoroughly research your product as well and any competitive forces to better understand the selling landscape. 
  • We research every keyword and key-phrase and then overlay a volume/competition model to better understand the cost and return potential.
  • We run multiple campaigns , study them, modify them, and then choose the set of unique keywords that pertain to your customers exact search terms. The name of the game is "give your clients exactly what they want" - Ex. Women's Black Embroidered Leather Jacket" 

If you have money and time to burn, you can try a simpler method. Bid on generic keywords that are being used by the majority of other sellers and prey to god you convert them  Ex.- Women's Jackets . 


We always recommend setting up a website or webstore. There are many reasons as to why you should setup a website for your business. One main reason is credibility. By building a website,  you are giving your business the opportunity to tell consumers who you are and why they should trust you. Most people will search the internet for a product or service and then research the business offering that product or service. Having a well crafted website will create and increase exposure of your products and overall business. A successful web buildout should provide

  • Built in SEO
  • A responsive ( mobile friendly layout )
  • Easy navigation
  • Illustrative and descriptive product details
  • Description of your services, your business's history, and how your business differs from the competition.
Selling on other platforms is a great way of increasing and diversifying your income streams. But at the end of the day, its important to note that those clients belong to another sales platform as opposed to your company. Having your own website permits you to retain your customers and run your business as you see fit. 


Feedback and reviews are a key driver of your products success. They provide your customers with important information and they can help your product stand out/rank better then your competition. A lack of reviews can sway customers to other competitors and one negative review can cripple your product and overall business. This is one of many metrics that warrants constant effort and requires attention 24/7.  We have the tools in place to help you with growing your feedback as well fixing it up.  In a world where buyers shop through computer screens, feedbacks and reviews can make a huge difference. We use compliant methods when it comes to growing your feedback and we are proactive, not just reactive when it comes to cleaning up negative feedback.