Amazon Suspension

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there are many opportunities that can increase your wealth. With those opportunities, there are also many things that can go wrong. If Amazon decides to suspend your account, you're often times left dead in the water with unsold goods, expenses, and funds with-held. As Amazon continues to grow, it should come of no surprise that their emphasis has shifted towards established and reputable sellers. To prevent/decrease any liabilities associated with selling on the Amazon platform, Amazon heavily relies on automated bots to catch violators of any seller related policy. These bots do improve the overall selling experience but its important to note that they are prone to making mistakes. As Amazon continues to ramp up their compliance procedures,  it has become very difficult to appeal their decision once a policy violation has occurred. If your account has been suspended, we are happy to let you know that there are solutions that can help with reinstating your account. Its important to use self judgement and ask the right questions when picking a suspension service to help with reinstating your account. Most services that offer suspension appeals will provide you with either a canned(generic) or prolonged plan of action. Ask yourself this question. Amazon is a billion dollar company, do you really think they wont find out if you are using a generic, unauthentic, and often times an irrelevant appeal  .  Yes we are different, take a look below to learn more about how our services work.


Getting your account suspended on Amazon is a dreadful experience. Even if you did nothing wrong, its very possible that Amazon has flagged your account for violating a policy (unless proven otherwise.) Losing your account could mean losing a good portion, if not your whole business. With that being said, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Amazon does provide you with a chance to appeal most suspensions, so a carefully planned appeal should be sent to Amazon to reinstate your account. Its important to not let your feelings get the best of you and please refrain from contacting/sending multiple emails. Every time you contact Amazon, you risk using up the amount of allowed communication instances within an appeal process. 


The process of getting your account reinstated isn’t simple. It requires a lot of effort, thought, and most importantly, a new business plan. We're here to help. Unlike other suspension services out there, our appeals are tailored to YOUR business. We implement a hands on approach to solving your problems and we will speak with you directly over the phone, in person, or video conference. With your permission and if needed, we can remotely access your computer to better understand the circumstances behind your suspension. Our appeal letters are not simply plan of actions. We tackle suspensions by creating custom tailored business plans that

  • Address the complaint or complaints. 
  • Provide for an effective solution (Important Note: Amazon wants an overall business solution, not just one that pertains to the specific complaint.) 
  • Provide a transparent and decisive plan that will prevent the issue from reoccurring.  Once completed,  we will ensure that you are in fact, up to par with Amazon's standards.
  • We take amazon account suspensions very seriously and we are committed to both preserving and improving the Amazon seller marketplace. To that point, our solutions will be provided in a written document and it is imperative to your success that we communicate over the phone to discuss all the details. If you wish to succeed with reinstating your account , you must accept change and show that you are serious about it. 


Our appeal process varies depending on the situation. All appeals will be provided within 48-72 hours. Once we gauge your business and the corresponding complaint, we will send you a customized appeal letter via email. Please don't be fooled by competitor claims of providing you with appeal letters within 24 hours. There is no advantage in immediately responding to an Amazon account suspension. Amazon knows that its highly unlikely that you put in valuable time, thought, and effort when you immediately respond with a plan of action. On a side note, you should understand yourself that if someone provides with an appeal within 24 hours of you contacting them, that appeal is likely to be generic in nature. Sending an immediate appeal in no way assures an immediate Amazon response. Responses to appeals are handled by the Amazon Seller Performance Team and given their heavy backlog, it can take up to 30 days to resolve certain cases.  We pride ourselves on customer service and we will work with you throughout the entire appeal process. Rest assure that there are no disappearing stunts or prolonged delays in answering any of your emails/phone calls. 


The appeal process is complicated, and the final decision as to whether or not reinstate your account is handled by Amazon's Seller Performance Team. We've worked with over 400 suspension cases, most of which have been reinstated. Our letters are intelligent and tailored to you, we don't use any templates, and we pride ourselves on doing everything possible to help you appeal your suspension. Amazon has seen it all, so something sincere that acknowledges concerns and provides for effective solutions should increase your chances of reinstatement. 


A2ZMetrics is here to make sure you succeed. We'd like for you to have a positive experience selling on Amazon. We are all experienced Amazon sellers and business men/women that have come from financial, operational, or compliance backgrounds. Where other services get paid and give you templates to satisfy demand, we treat every client as if it was our own Amazon business/account. Our goal here is to fix the issue, not just tell Amazon what they'd like to hear. How can we make sure this problem doesn't pop up in the future? How can we improve our metrics? We're here to help.